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The Beatles Story 2
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Building over eight releases this audio comic collects, for the first time in its entirety, the classic and highly-acclaimed Beatles bio-strip THE BEATLES STORY - originally created by Angus Allan and Arthur Ranson for the British weekly comic, Look-In.

Working with artist Arthur Ranson and the estate of writer Angus Allan, THE BEATLES STORY is complemented by a new audio sound track that helps bring this unique comic biography to life.

This special digital edition features Beatles tracks recreated by top tribute band The Fab Beatles and additional audio material from Angie McCartney, Paul McCartney's step mother, offering insider memories of The Beatles. The

Every issue includes a free to view, rare Beatles video performance - and the chance to purchase more.

Beautifully realized, THE BEATLES STORY charts the history of the band from their struggle for success in the early 1960s through their entire career until the band's split in 1970.

DJ Mike Read has called THE BEATLES STORY ""the only worthwhile strip record of the Beatles"". The creator-owned comic, first published in British comic Look-In, has only ever been reprinted in an abridged form, both in the UK and in Europe.

- Full colour action comic with swipe to read navigation

- Amazing fully-authored soundtrack brings the comic strip story to life!

- The sound of the Fab Four recreated by The Fab Beatles!

- Audio anecdotes from Angie McCartney about The Beatles rise to fame!

- Rare Beatles Videos from the ROK Archive!

- Read a sample of Angie McCartney: My Long and Winding Road - available now from ROK Books!


This item is shot in technicolor & Techniscope - the wide screen.

A.B.C. cinema, Ardwick, Manchester, Lancashire.

GV. Crowds arriving at theatre in Manchester for the Beatles concert. SV. Girls carrying pictures of the Beatles. SV. Police controlling the crowds of girls. CU. Girl shaking her head and waving arms. CU. Teenagers yelling and shouting - two shots. LV. From inside theatre, the teenagers crushed up against the theatre doors. LV. & SV. The manager inspecting his staff. CU. Pan, members of staff. SV. Outside, crowd shouting and yelling - two shots. SV. The Beatles arrive - Paul McCartney attempts to fight off two girls. CU. One of the distressed girls. CU. Another girl who finished up on the floor. CU. Pan, the girl is escorted out. LV. The Beatles facing press photographers, they are holding a giant teddy bear. SCU. The group, pan to close up shot of the giant teddy bear they are holding. LV. Ringo Starr grabs the teddy bear by one arm and hangs it over his shoulder like a sack of coal. SV. Press photographers. SCU. The Beatles - Ringo goes cross-eyed. SV. & LV. Pressman. CU. George Harrison taking a picture of the rest of the Beatles. CU. The other three posing. SV. Pressmen. CU. Pan from left to right - George Harrison, Ringo Starr, John Lennon who makes a face, and Paul McCartney. CU. Teenagers pressed against theatre windows. LV. The doors of the theatre are opened and the crowd starts to come in. CU. & SCU. Crowds of girls coming in. LV. Beatles come along a corridor to their dressing room which is guarded by a policeman. CU. Paul McCartney larking about with his hair at dressing table. GV. & LV. The audience yelling and screaming. GV. The Beatles come onto the stage. CU. Girl holding her head and screaming. Rest of story consists of various shots of Beatles performing on stage, with good cut-ins of screaming teenage girls. They sing 'She Loves You' & 'Twist and Shout'. Curtain goes down at the end. End title reads 'The End - Released by United Artists'.

Follows a duplicate of the same story.
FILM ID:1784.06

Released in the UK in 1994, The Long and Winding Road features archive footage of the World's most loved popular music group, The Beatles. Included in this documentary are exclusive and lost interviews with the band. They talk about going to america, getting married and the different phases the band went through. A Must watch for all Beatles fans.
Produced by Ray Santilli and Dennis Pugsley.
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