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Nail Polish & Beauty LibraryПростой, но привыкание пузырь попойка
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Версия: 1.7.3a
Android: 2.3 или более поздняя
Цена: Бесплатно


The original of this app was designed for GlitterShine Nails as a way to hold a listing of all her nail polishes and was expanded as she also wanted to keep Stamping plates in here too. The app has been written to allow for it to cater to any beauty products.

Store all your beauty products in one place for easy access. This app allows unlimited libraries to be set up. Each one allows for details and a picture of the item.

Client mode is available in the options so you can let someone else search your libraries but not be able to affect them in any way. This is to allow your beauty clients to browse your products and pick out the one they would like to use.

Full search & view options available plus a HD camera Picture for your products.

Customisation of background image to brand it to your self.

Feature List

* Expandable Library list unlimited different listings (governed by storage space.)
* No Limit on items in a library (governed by storage space.)
* File compression to allow more data in less memory.
* Built in camera app for taking pictures of the items in your library
* Search on any field in the library with partial words or phrase
* Refined search on multiple fields.
* Full update and delete of products available
* Client mode to hide the products you do not want clients to see
* Customise able background to personalise the app to you.
* View all products in a library option for those times you just want to see it all.
* Favourites Listings & Hot List. For those customers who need a little help choosing


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1.Whats worse? Chipped nail polish, or no nail polish at all?
2.Name an instance where you "had to have it" in every color?
3.Do you keep Christmas lights in your room year round? Be honest!
4.What shade do you go for? Peachy Pink, or Barbie Pink?
5.When packing for a weekend trip, how many "In case I don't feel like wearing that" outfits do you pack?
6.Who is your MCM that you keep a secret?
7.How many nail polishes do you own?
8.Which is you favorite eyebrow?
My Nail Polish Collection and Swatches (DIY nail polish color wheel) -
Avon Eyeshadow Primer in Light Beige (Waterproof)
S-he Stylezone khol kajal eyeliner in Black [001]
Miss Sporty Duo Eyeshadow in 211 MAVERICK MOOD
RoLe Rose Eye Definition Palette in no. 2
Manhattan My Box Eyeshadow in 201 Brilliant White
Avon Mattifying Foundation in Ivory
Avon Mattifying Foundation in Medium Beige
Astor Perfect Stay 24h Oxygen fresh Concealer in Golden Beige [001]
Avon Ideal Flawless Loose Powder in Fair
Margaret Astor Mineral Match Loose Powder Bronzer in Shade 01
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Powder in 348 Starlight Bronze
Avon True Color Powder Blush in Deep Pink
Avon Make-up Setting Spray
Essence All eyes on me waterproof multi-effect mascara in Black
Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Dark tone
Hollywood EyeLash YQE in C-12
Avon ultra shiny tubes Lipgloss - Sugar Shine
Chissa Glitter Polish # 153
Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000
Windows Movie Maker
Beach Front Property from the YouTube Audio Library - contributing artist Silent Partner
Genre - Pop
Ever Felt pt.2 from the YouTube Audio Library - contributing artist Otis McDonald
Genre - Otis McDonald
I just wanted to assure everyone that I purchased all of the items myself (unless they were a gift form a family member - and i will mention that in the video) and i was not paid in any way, shape, or form to create this video. Any links on here are not affiliate links - i just add them to help people who want more info on a company or product. I have no reason to hide anything from you guys! I am a genuinely upbeat person and my excitement over products is sincere. Trust me - if i wouldn't like it i would not be talking about it. I don't like bashing products or making negative videos - that's all.

Preview of "Dr. Panda's Beauty Salon" by Dr. Panda. It’s time to let out your inner stylist in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon! You can paint faces and nails, make necklaces, dress-up different customers and even pluck nose hairs with a cute cast of animal friends in over 11 different minigames.
➔ App Download (Apple App Store):
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There are a ton of activities to do in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon, from matching bowties with hip sunglasses, to painting faces with glow in the dark paint, to spraying shaving cream on a pig with a 5 o’clock shadow. You can make the animals as pretty, funny or crazy as you’d like! Basic hygiene activities like face washing and nail-clipping are combined with the fun of face painting and painting nails.
Made for anyone 2 and up!
Key features:
- Over 11 minigames in all
- Everyday activities like nail cutting and face washing made fun
- Lots of variety. There are endless possibilities to what you can create.
- Creative freedom! You decide when to stop painting and decorating faces, nails and jewelry.
- Lots of secrets to discover on every screen. Encourages thinking outside the box.
- Robust parental controls and locks
- No third-party ads or in-app purchases
Languages: English, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish
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