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HappyCow Restaurant Guide FULLНайти вегетарианской, веганский, овощи-дружественной ресторана и магазинов здорового питания поблизости.
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Версия: 50.1.2-full-v2
Android: 4.0 или более поздняя
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Online since 1999, this vegan food locator is the Play store’s #1 vegetarian and vegan restaurant guide which has also been featured on CNN, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal. Search HappyCow listings to find a local restaurant or cafe anywhere in the world, or search for reviews about a local vegan or vegetarian health food store.

This is the Official Happy Cow (paid) FULL (& Updated) version of the HappyCow App which allows you to find compassionate eating options including vegetarian, vegan, organic, raw food, and veg-friendly businesses. Thanks for supporting this & for leaving positive comments!

★ Search filters by location, vegan, vegetarian, health food stores + more
★ Browse HappyCow to find a popular cafe or restaurant
★ View interactive maps with restaurants and veg-related stores
★ Get directions, phone numbers, reviews, and website information
★ Share what you find with your friends
★ Upload photos of your delicious food
★ Submit reviews and advice for your fellow HappyCow users

With this Full version YOU ALSO GET:
1) SAVE Listings to your device for offline viewing when you don't have an Internet connection. You can now easily keep track of places you want to try eating at by saving them to your Trips and Favorites lists.
2) Filter display of businesses which are currently OPEN NOW only. This way you can avoid seeing results for businesses that aren't open at the time you're hungry.
3) Search by Keyword. i.e.: Brunch, Chinese, Gluten-Free, Japanese, Organic, Raw, Take-out, etc. This is especially useful in big cities as it allows you search for very specific things.
4) See all reviews. Allows you to view all the reviews we have, not just the first 3.
5) No ads. There are no ads on this version.
6) Good Karma for supporting this project and furthering the cause! Be Happy with HappyCow.

Find vegetarian, vegan, veg-friendly restaurants, health food stores, and other types of vegetarian business nearby your location while traveling, or enter a location manually. The app provides a list or map of vegan & vegetarian restaurants in 175+ countries. Additionally, find related businesses like vegan bakeries, vegan shops, veg B&B / hotel, veg catering services, vegan organization, farmers market, and other pure veg businesses. Offers 100,000+ quality reviews vegetarians and vegans you can trust.

Latest features include:
* Search by Open Now
* Language support for Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish

If you're having any issues with this app please see our support page &/or contact us before leaving feedback / rating.

Screen shots / Q&A: www.happycow.net/android.php

Questions & feedback- please email: veginout@happycow.net


Why does HappyCow need all of these permissions?

HappyCow apps use your device location to find great restaurants near your current location. HappyCow never stores your device location on our servers.

HappyCow apps provide you with a way upload restaurant photos from your existing library on your device. HappyCow never accesses your photos until you choose to view them from within the app.

The HappyCow app allows you to take photos of your favorite restaurants and we encourage you to share them with other HappyCow users. The app stores these with your other pictures on your device so you can admire them whenever you please or upload at a later date. We never access your camera or save photos until you perform those actions from within the app.

We communicate with the HappyCow database to bring you the best veg options from all around the world!


Vegan powered by HappyCow.com


i met up with ken from happy cow during his sweden trip to discuss where to eat the best vegan food in stockholm.
for links and addresses to the restaurants :

happy cow () is the world’s largest website for listing vegan and vegetarian restaurants, as well as health food shops. i always use it when travelling to find out where best to eat in a new city ^^
ok that’s it for today !
have a beautiful day
love // jenny
- - -
music - "of dark rooms and crooked candles" by josh woodward. free download:

Patrik Baboumian - World's Strongest Vegan - His Diet
Patrik Baboumian (Vegan Strongman) discusses how he has become of the strongest men ever with the vegan diet.
Patrik is a world record holder, and discusses what he eats and does to be one of the strongest men in the world.
Interview by Ken Spector in front of Veganz/Goodies in Berlin, Germany on May 31, 2015.

- The Healthy Eating Guide
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The World's Largest Guide To Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants and Health Food Stores!
Please pardon the quick edits. The edits do not at all change the meaning of Patrik's words, but just remove areas where Patrik is looking for his words in English or thinking of the next thought in the sequence.

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