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Vital Tones Investor SkillsProНоваторским для мозговых волн афазии.
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Версия: 1.3
Android: 4.0 или более поздняя
Цена: 690,00 ₽


Vital Tones Investor Skills is a powerful brainwave entrainment for improving and enhancing investment decisions.

An investor allocates capital with the expectation of a future financial return. Types of investments include: equity, debt securities, real estate, currency, commodity, derivatives such as put and call options, etc. This definition makes no distinction between those in the primary and secondary markets. That is, someone who provides a business with capital and someone who buys a stock are both investors.

Nothing really gets us humans nearly as exited as money. Neurons fire like crazy and MRIs can easily distinguish patterns that flare up when money is brought up. But not everyone has the same reaction to money, although it’s ubiquitously strong.

MRI scans revealed that when a respondent receive the offer on how to split the money, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex fires up which is linked to self-awareness. This part of the brain is heavily engaged in solving complex problems and its what helps us be really successful in navigating the world.
The MRI scans showed that those who chose stocks over bonds had more intense activity in the nucleus accumbens, a section of the brain involved in the reward circuitry and the processing of emotions. The risk adverse who chose bonds, however, fired up the anterior insula, also part of the emotional wiring of the brain during anticipation of physical pain, which correlates with selfreported state of anxiety.

Vital Tones Investor Skills consist of 3 different sessions, all 22 minutes long.

Session 2 enhances higer risk taking.
Session 3 enhances lower risk taking.

Session 2 or 3 is crucial to have a complete entrainment!

This application requires large headphones or high quality earphones with Left and Right placed correctly !

Enjoy your explorations.



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