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CPR: Knee PainЛучшие оценки клинической Pattern Recognition приложение для физиотерапевтов
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Версия: 1.0
Android: 4.1 или более поздняя
Цена: 319,00 ₽


This Top Rated Clinical Pattern Recognition app is finally available on Android!

An innovative, simple to use, evidence-based app, developed to help students and clinicians organize and access the overwhelming amounts of information regarding diagnosing, assessing, movement faults, and treatments.

This app is specially designed for healthcare professionals. It's a digital pocket-size reference guide that you can use in either the classroom, in the clinic, at home or on the go.

Everything you need to learn and use about Orthopedics is at your fingertips!

***** Used in Residency and Fellowship training
***** Used by some of the Top Physical Therapy Programs in the United States
***** Developed by a team of Orthopaedic Specialists and Doctorate level educators

• A powerful, comprehensive app linking research to clinical practice
• Guideline-based classification system for all body regional pain
• Direct links to PuBMed abstracts for all techniques
• Use Clinical Pattern Recognition to develop your clinical reasoning
• Quick access to all special tests/physical exam, all manual therapy and exercise techniques
• Common pain referral patterns frequently link to hypotheses including:
- Knee osteoarthritis
- Patellofemoral pain syndrome
- Knee meniscal tears
- Knee anterior cruciate ligament tears
- Iliotibial band syndrome
- Medial collateral ligament sprains

• Intuitive user interface that mimics the clinical reasoning of a master clinician
• A complete guide for identifying patient presentations, differential diagnosis, impairments, movement faults and interventions
• Over 300 multi-angle, high definition videos per joint
• Clinical reasoning videos for key findings, differential diagnosis, associated impairments, movement faults and interventions

• Physical therapists/Physiotherapists
• Physical therapy assistants
• Osteopathic physicians
• Athletic trainers
• Clinicians managing patients with musculoskeletal conditions
• Medical professionals
• Educators
• Chiropractors
• Anyone interested in rehabilitation


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QR code CPR: Knee Pain Название файла: cpr-knee-pain.apk
Продавец: Physio U
Текущая версия: 1.0
Оценка "CPR: Knee Pain" 3 из 5 на основании 4231 голосов
Требуемая версия Android: 4.1 или более поздняя
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Локализация: русский присутствует
Права Root: не требуются
Google Play ID: com.cpr.knee
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